Florida Cop Threatens to Kill Citizen – ‘If I See You Again Tonight, You’re Dead’

This is a Broward County, FL deputy verbally abusing a suspect. He not only threatens to kill him, he says he will “feed him to the alligators”.

The threats he makes to him are truly unbelievable. Imagine if someone abused the officer in this way, they would be arrested and locked up.

What the officer says:

“Jessie, I’m gonna tell you right now, your f—— a– is going home or I’m going to beat the f—— p— out of you,” Dubinski is recorded saying.
“Yes, sir,” Merchant replied.
“I see your f—— a– again tonight I’m going to f—— split your f—— skull f—— with my flashlight,” Dubinski is heard saying. “Remember what I told you about the alligators? I’m gonna feed your a– to them. I’m not gonna arrest you. I’m gonna feed you to the f—— alligators. I’m taking you out on the Alley and I’m dumping your a–. So you’re gonna die.”

“I get another call on you tonight I’m gonna come in your house, I’m gonna kick your f—— door in. You think I’m bulls——-?” Dubinski asked.
“No. I’m just saying you’re gonna kick the door down,” Merchant said.
“I’m gonna kick the f—— door in and I’m gonna come in there and drag your f—— a– out of your house, beating the p— out of you,” Dubinski said.
“I said yes, sir,” Merchant replies.
“And then I’m gonna feed you to the f—— gators,” Dubinski told him.

“I want to feed you to the alligators,” Dubinski said.
“You’re kinda scaring me,” Merchant said.
“I hope I am,” Dubinski says. “If I see you again tonight, I swear to God — God be my witness you’re a dead man.”
“Yes, sir,” Merchant said.
“Get the f— out of here,” Dubinski said.


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