Police Brutality in Philadelphia: Officer Sucker Punches Woman He Assumed Sprinkled Water on Him

Philadelphia Police officer caught using excessive force. Aida Guzman, is a 39 yeard old mother of 5 children. She works 3 jobs as a housekeeper, to help provide for her family and keep them afloat. She picked up her two youngest children and traveled to Philadelphia to the 50th year anniversary of the Puerto Rican Day Parade. In the video, Aida is seen walking toward her two children, when a man behind her threw some water at a group of police officers who had made a routine stop. This is where 19 year veteran, Lt. Jonathan Josey, turns around and follows Aida. Assuming that it was her, he struck her in the face with a powerful blow. Aida hits the ground, lips busted, mouth bleeding, suffering cuts, abrasions, and bruises. She was arrested and cited for disorderly conduct. The whole time, she was innocent. CHARGES WERE DROPPED. Aida responded by stating that she did not want this officer to lose his job and that all she wanted was an apology for his actions. Now that’s a good hearted woman because anyone else would have filed a huge lawsuit!! There’s been a lot of chaos, and it’s no secret that Philadelphia Police have recently been under investigation for corruption, in fact, many police officers have been fired or arrested.

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